Madness of St Paul – The Foreword

Can the way we read the Bible affect our mental health? Undoubtedly it can. Over the years – working as a psychotherapist committed to the Christian Way – I have seen many good Christian people who were bowed down by impossible expectations. Many were deeply imbued with the writings of Saint Paul, but a Paul who seemed to speak from a place beyond human frailty. A Paul who, after his conversion, appeared to attain such a daunting degree of holiness that even his weaknesses had a superhuman ring to them.

Thank God for Richard Dormandy! In this scholarly but easily readable book Richard restores Paul to us. Paul the human being, as competitive and cocksure after his conversion as he was in his Pharisaic days; but a Paul who later – Job-like – suffered an almost catastrophic mental and spiritual breakdown through which he finally discovered the meaning of God’s grace.

With Richard Dormandy as our guide, Paul’s Second Letter to the Christians in Corinth is found to chart both the depth of Paul’s despair and the dawning of his true life in Christ.

I warmly commend this book to those who love the Bible; to those who long to find a way into the Bible; and, most of all, to those who despair of pulling themselves up to heaven by their own bootlaces.

Read it!

Christopher MacKenna

Director, St Marylebone Healing & Counselling Centre

Chaplain and Clinical Director, The Guild of Health

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