“When I Survey” – Classic words by Isaac Watts with my new tune, “Beautiful Surrender.” Available on my “Beautiful Surrender” album. “Grow In Me” – a simple All-Age song which often seems to hit the spot. Maybe it could cope with going up a tone to D?
 “Walk By Faith” Originally written for friends holding the illness and death of their young son. Also now for friends coping with immigration status. Our TV screens are crammed with images of children suffering through war. I wrote this in 2014 – my first “protest” song in about 40 years!
 A bit of fun reflecting on our need for grace within the church – given that we are described as “living stones”. The astonishing Utviklingssang by  Carla Bley, Andy Sheppard & Steve Swallow provides a reflective soundtrack for Christmas. Fractals by Richard Lyall et al.
The Story of Jonah, the whale, or big fish, Nineveh, running away and being faithful. A little film for all ages with drawings and text by Richard Dormandy. One of 3 films on All-Age Worship, likening it to a family meal. The other 2 give church responses and ask why children don’t always like All Age Worship.

More videos on youtube richdorm channel.